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karas boobs
OMG!! is it me or is Mon-El looking at Kara´s boobs!! XDDD


denebtenoh's Profile Picture
It´s hard to believe we sometimes forget the most simple truth of the universe: we humans have the power to change all our circumstances and our surroundings. We humans live to make the impossible possible. But we humans are so prone to forget it...

Current Residence: In my baby´s room.
Favourite genre of music: Rock Balads and heavy
Favourite photographer: Photomindfreak
Favourite style of art: Vyrl, nekosaiko, Aj chan, Orpheleen, Nami, Wen M and others.
Wallpaper of choice: Lightning, from FFXIII (I just loooove her!!)
Favourite cartoon character: Lightning (if she counts), Kuchiki Rukia, Shiro Kamui
Personal Quote: In fact...
"(...) Lightning held closer to her breasts the small, warm package she was carrying, feeling the rise and fall of the diminutive lungs working, the fast bumping of the little heart. She didn´t care it had cost her a wounded, bleeding left arm and ghastly wounds on her back, adding a couple of broken ribs and a bleeding head, to protect the small being resting close to her heart. She would give so much more in order to protect the Little thing.

She lowered her eyes to find the petit frame cradled in her arms, and didn't repress the smile that formed in her lips at the sight that met her, a sight that always made the world around her disappear, no matter how horrible, and replaced it with a world of light and hope.

A beautiful baby girl, with pink hair and pink stained cheeks, was sound asleep close to her heart, oblivious to the danger outside, an expression of calmness in her countenance, as she was obviously feeling safe in the cradle of the warm arms, absolutely confident that the woman would protect her against anything and anyone, a blind trust that always made Lightning´s heart ache. The tiny body was covered in satin white clothes, now tainted by stains of mud and blood, but otherwise unscathed.

The soldier was used to smile now, every time her azure eyes found the one that now made her life whole. She wondered how the baby could be resting in such a deep sleep, when minutes ago they had been running for their lives.

Gently, she held the baby tighter, as a wave of pain traveled throughout her body, as if reminding herself the reason why she was doing this dangerous journey. She reminded herself she was doing it for HER.

Another tremor passed through her body, as a sense of fear invaded her mind and soul. A fear she had never felt before, not even during the time she was traveling with a helpless intention to save Cocoon and Serah, in her times as l´Cie. A fear even worse than those moments when everything seemed lost, all the world and the people, in her times as a Warrior Goddess.

All those memories of fear and sorrow, now seemed to her like a child´s game, compared to the utter horror she felt now, wounded and battered as she was, as a simple but terrifying idea kept crossing her mind: the idea of this baby of hers getting harmed, or worse, without she being able to protect her… But the woman clenched her teeth as she refused to acknowledge the thought. She would change the world if it was necessary, in order to save this baby.

She would make the impossible happen. Again.

The anguish of the mother was felt by the child, and the baby opened sky-like eyes, and soon after the cry followed the dissipating sleepiness, the baby trembling as the crying intensified.

Lightning clutched her even further, hiding her own face on the child´s neck, fighting treacherous tears and pleading for forgiveness and help to any and every god or goddess she could think of, help for herself but especially for the innocent child resting in her arms. After a while, she started to curse them, desperate for an answer, for help. For a way out.

She didn´t know how they were going to escape their plight, how she would change destiny, but she did know she would give everything she had, everything she was, to keep the baby safe.

After a moment, and as she fought to reign over her emotions, and with tears still staining her face, the woman searched for the cerulean orbs, and azure ones opened like plates as she locked eyes with the baby girl.

The baby had stopped crying, and she was looking at her mother with such curiosity and intent, that, in spite of being only six months old, she seemed to be struggling to talk, to convey emotions that she wouldn´t be able to express through words. The baby´s face was calm, but more than calm, seemed almost compassionate, and, gently, she touched the woman´s mouth with one little hand, and round, tender fingers played with her lower lip, while with the other, the little girl touched the tears that stained her mother´s cheeks, in a gesture that the woman couldn´t understand… or wouldn´t believe.

Lightning was speechless at this demonstration, since it seemed as if the baby was trying to comfort her, and, as a wave of emotion shook her, new tears forming on her eyes, the soldier smiled at the little one, and kissed the petit fingers that rested on her lips.

"I´m sorry for making you worry, my love." She smiled through her tears, and the baby mirrored the gesture, this time slapping gently the wet cheeks, apparently prompting her to stop crying. Lightning chuckled, and kissed the tender fingers again, as the warmth of resolution filled her body, and gave her renewed strength.

"I promise you now, my sweet one, that no matter what happens, no matter if the world crumbles, I WILL change your destiny."

As the baby giggled and made gurgle sounds in response to her vow, the echo of a similar promise reached her memory, and she finally understood… (...)
This is a taste of my new project based on final fantasy XIII-2, although its´just a draft... but I couldn´t  keept it on hold any longer... I hope you like it.
Este es una probadita de mi nuevo proyecto basado en final fantasy XIII-2, aunque sólo es un borrador... pero no podía guardarlo más tiempo... espero les guste.
  • Listening to: Shakira (Michi looooves her!!)
  • Reading: Etro´s Keepers (a fanfiction)
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory (I really love those guys!!)
  • Playing: FFXIII-2: Requiem of the Goddess
  • Eating: home made food (finally!!)
  • Drinking: mostly water



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